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Research methods | Marketing homework help

The task is divided to 2 parts.

1st part:

Development of a Literature review:

Write a proposal for the development of a literature review concerning your research question. Your summary must contain (max.800 words):


• Summary: You must write a summary including the following elements related to your research topic. (60%)

▪ Concepts (2 or 3 concepts related to your research topic)

▪ Theories / Models (1 or 2 theories or models related to your research topic)

• Trends (current trends or practices related to your research topic)

• Context presentation: Write a short paragraph about the context of your research and its potential


• Related bibliography list: You must include the list of bibliographical sources used to write the summary. It must be done in

Harvard style (a minimum of 10 sources must be included).

Part 2 (max.800 words)

Development of a research Methodology:

Definition of the methodology to answer your question or test your hypothesis. How are you going to collect data to formulate your conclusions? Remember that your choices must be explained (if you just include the words of your choices in bullets points it will not be accepted). These are the contents to be included:

 • Approach (purpose/reasoning)

o You must explain the reasoning you will use, the design of your research, the main purpose (explanatory, descriptive, exploratory,

etc.), and the overall strategy you will follow.

• Methodologies:

o Quantitative; based on numerical data or statistics

o Qualitative; based on non-numerical data

o Mixed methods; if you intend to combine quantitative and qualitative data

• Primary data: explaining the type of data & sources (participants profile & sampling)

• Secondary data: explaining the type of data you intend to use and sources you intend to obtain it from.

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